The Bacteria Hunter

A9 opened his eyes and at that moment he realized this was the moment of his creation. Being born fully aware was a privilege only to a very few. But also it was a curse. Those who had their full awareness from birth were likely created with a single purpose, only to die when their task was done. A9 was a bacteria hunter, a cleaner who was created to hunt down and eliminate a certain type of germ. He knew it from the moment he opened his eyes. He also felt the urge to kill, but not at random. He was itching to kill the germ that has been marked as his greatest enemy.

The bacteria he was sent to destroy were known for being one of the most vicious, reeking senseless destruction, contamination and spreading deceases and more bacteria. Something the regular cleaners and chemical just couldn’t handle. So that made A9 something like an assassin, a black-ops specialist.

He started to search for this parasite and it wasn’t all that hard to follow his trail. The only problem was that with the bacteria spreading into smaller counterparts, the trails were countless. He knew that the other smaller bacteria would cause damage as well, but that was just a fraction of the damage caused by his target. There’ ll be others to hunt down the smaller ones when he was gone. He had one purpose and one purpose only.

Seeing as how most of everything was destroyed in the bacteria’s wake and knowing he could do nothing about it, A9 felt sick. Once he finds him he would burn the bacteria in the most painful way possible. But there was the trouble. From what other idle microorganism told him, the vile bacteria were heading for a human system. And a human system is always trouble. The hardest and most infection abundant system was a human. He knew that the countless bacteria inside of a human would just slow him down, but nevertheless he would be relentless until his job was done.

A9 follow the bacteria inside of the human. The bacteria were definitely here. The scent was choking as he was getting closer. But being as he thought, the human germs would only set him back. He could do nothing but ignore them… or maybe not. Maybe he could outmaneuver and trick them into telling him where the bacteria were. And being germs, not too bright, they gave the location away. So A9 had to go a lot deeper. He could already hear the tortured screaming of the lower system. And he wanted to make the bacteria howl in pain. In only a short while he came in contact and began the pursuit. The bacteria weren’t human in origin so it was clueless as to where to go. A9 just follow until he got it cornered and charge straight at it. Upon contact the bacteria was burned and that reaction set of a large amount of energy that burned most of the damage done to the system. A9 was dead, but he had fulfilled his purpose.