Regular Carpet Cleaning

We know as fact, that carpets, despite their good looks are like decease nests. Without proper maintenance carpets can soak up a lot of dust, hair, nasty stains and so on. Also, incorrect maintenance during cleaning can harm your carpets and rugs. In some rare cases, stains must undergo professional treatment. But this description gives insight on a regular home carpet cleaning focusing on everyday stains and contamination. Take time and what would be the safest and most efficient way to clean your carpet as some natural fibre carpets (silk or wool) are very sensitive to high-pressure water wash and certain chemical agents.

#1 The best way to clean something is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place. Always keep that in mind.

#2 Regular dry vacuuming is always a good way to start cleaning. Easy and safe to remove loose dirt and various residues.

#3 Carelessly rubbing on a stain will only cause it to spread and sink in even further. This can also harm the carpet.

#4 Some stains tend to reappear. Just when you thought you had that nasty bit finally clean, it popped up again soon after. To avoid this, weigh down a cloth over the stain for several hours. That should help absorb most of the stain. Afterwards, clean as you normally would.

#5 Avoid drying stains with irons or hair dryers as this permanently seals stains on the carpet.

#6 Steam cleaning is a very good way to remove any sort of stains and refresh your carpet overall. This is something convenient offered by all cleaning companies, so consider doing it every now and then.

#7 In some cases, like mould and mildew, it is required to go for bleaches or lemon-salt solutions for coloured fabrics. They can be harmful if not properly used or in inaccurate proportions. Take time to read the notices and instructions on the various cleaning agents.

#8 Spills must be taken care of swiftly in order to avoid any further damage and making them easier to clean. Regular water should help for most spills. In other cases, there are different products for different spills and stains. Keep them close should spills occur. A good and simple way to deal with spills is a mixture of water and vinegar.

#9 As mentioned earlier, vacuuming is the most basic and helpful way to maintain your carpet. Do that as often as possible. Having a high quality vacuum can only be beneficial. Make sure you use is correctly and maintain it as well, keeping the bags, containers and filters clean.

#10 When necessary, use the mildest of cleaning chemicals as they damage the carpet. Harder agents must be used only on harder stains. Carpet shampoos are a good alternative.