Preventing Pests

As we know, pests are everywhere. They home in on their natural instinctive drives and constantly get in the way of our everyday activities, especially in the households. But there are ways to keep them away despite their overwhelming numbers. This guide will give some simple advice on pest prevention.

– Don’t eat randomly around your home. Food residue can act as a beacon for a pest invasion. Have a special dining area, and try to keep its exposure to a minimum. Maintain it daily.

– Cleaning the floor daily will also reduce the chance of uninvited guests coming in for a snack. Vacuuming or sweeping does the job just fine. Make sure not to skip cleaning in order to prevent random visits.

– Eliminate spill ASAP. Spills are even worse than just a messy floor. If the spill has sugar contents, that makes it even worse. Be sure to shift furniture and clean residue should a spill occur.

– Washing dishes as soon as you’re done with them to avoid attracting insects. Leaving your dishes overnight is a bad idea. Even letting them soak for a few hours is still not recommended. Wash your dishes, drain the sink.

– Remove any moisture. Insects can still swoop around looking for water. Be sure to fix any leaks or drains, wipe damp patches and maintain a dry environment.

– Bottle and jars can act as homing beacons. Especially ones with sweet content (honey, syrup, soft drinks, etc.). Wipe them after each use to prevent them from turning into a bug night club.

– Store food efficiently. Make sure your products are nicely sealed to prevent them from becoming a feast for pests. Consider moving fine grains, sugars and flours into containers with a tight seal.

– Fruits and vegetables are our main nutrients, but can cause a disaster when they’re close to spoiling. Eat or dump ripe fruits and veggies before they turn to juice.

– Dirty clothes can attract numerous insects. Before stashing last season’s clothes in the closet, be sure to have them properly cleaned and stored in a container to avoid an infestation.

– Always keep the lid closed on your trash can. If you haven’t got one, make sure you have it covered tightly in order to keep pests away and keep the nasty smells in.

– Keep wood away from the inside of your home, especially firewood. Wood makes good environment for insects and it can be an easy way for them to spread. If it’s not possible to store wood outside, make sure it’s in the way of constant air flow as damp wood is even worse.

– Check the integrity of your windows and doors. They easiest way is ‘through the front’. Make sure your windows and doors fit tight.