Paper Recycling Can Save The Trees

Paper finds application in many fields of the modern world. We use it in the office for printing, writing, photocopying, etc. It is also commonly used in the industry for the production of newspapers, magazines, notebooks, textbooks, all kinds of boxes and bags, etc. We use paper at home and it helps us in all sorts of domestic chores – cooking, cleaning, lighting fire. It is a useful material and practically, we use it all the time and for anything. But do we all know how paper is produced and whether it is harmful to the environment? A large amount of wood is needed in order to produce paper. So, numerous trees are being cut down for that purpose. Every year, the world loses one forest due to the huge production of paper. And this is fatal to the environment. Deforestation, on its part, causes more global problems such as the greenhouse effect. Moreover, paper waste is one of the main reasons for pollution of the environment. All those factors are bound together. Therefore, the production of paper might lead to an environmental catastrophe and this is a serious issue which needs to be effectively solved.

One way to reduce deforestation and pollution at the same time is recycling. Recycling represents a process of restoration of used paper and turning it into new paper. Some factories collect paper that has remained in the process of manufacturing and directly recycle it so that they can use it again. This saves a lot of trees because factories are one of the biggest consumers of paper. Paper can be recycled by everyone. The key here is to collect it separately and then give it for recycling. We also should not throw paper in the environment as it most certainly will not be taken from there and recycled but it will only linger and increase pollution.

Some mobile network operators have suggested a solution which can help saving the woods. Every user can contribute to this project by giving up their monthly phone bills on paper and agreeing to receive them online. In this way each person can save one tree. Many people have already done that and it is a real kind deed towards nature. It may seem insignificant but if more people actually embrace the initiative and take part in this action it may acquire global importance.

The only way to keep natural resources for longer is to learn to save them and not take them for granted because they are not. We should not only consume but also give something to the environment and in this way the circle will be complete.