How To Remove Chocolate Stains

Chocolate is a pleasure and a passion. It is so delicious and sweet that we often get addicted to it and cannot live without it. We like eating chocolate under all kinds of forms and at any time. But it often causes stains on our clothes because it melts easily especially when the weather is hot. If we are not very careful and we do not eat it fast it stains our covers or clothes and those stains as you know are dark and quite visible. The good thing about chocolate is that its stains remain on the surface of materials and not deep in them. Anyway, we should know how to deal with such stains and remove them as soon as they occur.

If the stains haven’t dried yet they are easier to clean. They just need to be scraped with a knife or simply with your nail and they should vanish. So try this method immediately. If the chocolate stains are more stubborn or they have already dried you will have to use other methods in order to clean them. First, you have to use benzine soap and scrub the affected surface with some of it. Use your fingers or nails in order to do that. Then clean the stains with a tampon soaked in benzine. If there are still traces left from the chocolate use some warmed up glycerine and then wash with warm water. After that, use a sponge to wet the stains and the area around them so that there won’t be a difference. Finally, get the fabric dried with a towel. In this way, the stains should be removed perfectly. This method can be applied to any textile materials.

Another way of cleaning chocolate stains is to wet them with a benzene tampon or any other degreasing solution and then use ammonia solution and wash them with water after that. This is also an efficient method. 

Chocolate stains on silk materials are cleaned up with a mixture of glycerine, ammonia and rain water. Then it should be washed several times with clean warm water. Be careful not to damage the soft silk material. 

Old traces from chocolate stains can be removed with oxalic acid and water. Leave them like this for 15 minutes and then wash them a few times with cool water. Although those stains are stubborn this method removes them effectively.