How To Keep Your Working Space Clean

Whether your office is in a building or your working space is in your own home this applies to both cases – it has to be a clean place.Here are some tips on how to keep it that way.

Wipe all the glass in the room,but buy a special spray cleaner.Don’t forget the floor and the furniture.Vacuum the carpets or use a mop.Wipe your office chair and book shelves.

Every week remove the small things you have put on the desk and shelves and then dust the surface.Don’t use water for a wooden surface.

Of course,there are computers,lamps and telephones in every working space.For your screen you’d better buy and use a dry microfiber cloth after you have turned it off.Remove the dust from all machines’ tops.

Keep some desinfectant wipes in your drawer just in case.

Sort out your papers and folders in order to leave more free space,order your books and put them in one corner.It may sound boring but it’s necessary.

Wipe your mouse and keyboard with a cloth (it’s not necessary to be a microfiber like the one you’re using for your computer screen).

Delete unused program icons from your desktop to leave extra free space.In this way your computer will run faster.

Tidy up your desk daily and put all things in their right place before you leave your office.Doing it every day is much better and quicker than leaving everything for one day in the month.

Empty your recylce bin in every few days by putting a nylon bag inside it which you will throw away later and replace it with a new one.Clean the bin with a spray every once in a while to prevent from bacteria.

Buy an air freshener for your room and let some air in by opening the windows for a few minutes everytime you come to work.You can also put some flowers on your desk if you want.

There is no specific order,it doesn’t matter what you’ll do first.Just make these little tips a part of your other habits.If you keep cleaning your office regularly,you will get used to it and the place will look shinier than ever before!