How To Remove Adhesive And Glue Stains

Glue stains leave brownish crust on the affected material and part of them goes deep into it. The fresh stains are sticky and the old ones – hard. They are unpleasant and difficult to remove. But their removal is not impossible. There are several ways which can help you clean glue effectively. 

The stains should be first soaked in cold water and left for 4-5 hours until they vanish. Then, wash them with hot water. 

Old glue stains can be removed by rolling the garment into a ball, tying it up and soaking it in warm water until the stains completely decompose. Then, they should be scraped with a knife or nails and the affected spots should be cleaned with warm water several times and finally rubbed with a sponge. Leave the garment to dry in an airy place. Gelatine stains are removed in the same way. 

Other adhesive stains should be first rubbed with a soft brush or wiped with a sponge soaked in solution of 10g soda, 20g spirit of 95% and 70g distilled water. The stains should be treated with tapping and constant soaking of the brush or the sponge in the solution. In this way the stains come out effectively. The treated spots should be washed several times with water and the pad should be changed periodically. If there are marks on the materials they should be wiped with a dry towel and then covered with some talc. 

Darker and black woollen or silk clothes should be cleaned with warm mixture of a few drops of 12% ammonia solution and distilled or rain water. While cleaning the pad should be changed more often. Then, the cleaned spot should be washed with water. 

Adhesive gum creates a solid and stretchy crust on the material. It can be removed with a tampon soaked in gasoline or benzene. After the cleaning the spot should be again treated with gasoline, cleaned with a sponge, dried and covered with talc. 

Nitrocellulose adhesive stains are smooth and shiny and difficult to remove. They can be cleaned with amyl acetate. Put the stained fabric on a pad and rub it with a tampon soaked in amyl acetate or acetone. Repeat this procedure until the stains vanish. The treated spot should be cleaned up with a tampon soaked in gasoline and then wiped with a sponge. As soon as the spot has been dried you should cover it with some talc.