How To Clean The Shower

You’ve been at work all day long and you finally get out of the office rushing home. Of course, no doubt you’re absolutely tired. After a long day at work all you want is to rest. So getting home means you actually have the opportunity to relax a bit. Naturally, there is no better way to calm down than a nice hot shower. But when your shower is so dirty that you probably can’t even stand it, relaxation is not an option. This calls for some immediate cleaning, indeed and it is probably time to clean the shower.

No matter how much work you have, it’s a must to find a little time to clean the shower. No worries, though, even if it’s necessary, that doesn’t mean it’s time-consuming, too. Still, time-consuming or not, you shouldn’t hesitate whether you should do it. And here are some tips and tricks to help you finish your chores faster.

Firstly, you might want to empty the shower out. Anything like shampoo, lotion, sponge, etc. is advisable to be removed from the shower. You just don’t want them in your way while cleaning. Since you probably have a lot of bathroom items, you could take a bucket or another vessel and put them in it. This is a chance for you to take a look at those things. Evaluate them and throw the empty containers, wash anything that has caught mould. You can also decide if you want to keep or throw away any unused items.

Next step is rinsing. With the help of a bucket filled with hot water, rinse the walls of the shower as well as the floor. Instead of using a bucket, you could take advantage of the hand held shower head, if you have one. This is another way of getting things done. To add, perfection isn’t an issue. Simply clean the dirt comprising of hairs and other particles.

Removing mildew or mould is an important part of the cleaning process. So try not to skip it. What you need is a mildew spray, of course, which can be purchased at any shop. Use it to spray the walls of the shower and leave it for a while. Then wipe it. You should do this according to the instructions on the bottle.

Now you’re completely ready to enjoy a nice shower which you deserve after all this hard work.