Tricks To Make A Place Shine After Tenants Move Out

clean after tenantsAfter you have had a tenant and after these tenants move out you certainly need to check the condition they leave your apartment in. Sometimes it can be catastrophic. Anyway it’s for the best to keep the rental unit looking good in order to find new renters. This is the only way you will have luck finding tenants.

First thing is to repaint the whole unit. As this is always a good idea to start with. It’s best if you can do the job yourself because this makes it less expensive for you. Another tip is to choose white paint. It will make the rooms seem brighter as well as cleaner. Afterwards your renter can put any kind of furniture. White paint simply goes with everything. And you can also buy the paint and brushes at a discount from a specialised store.

Next step is to check the carpets and for that matter, the floor. Most likely it will be dirty. It is an option to spot clean it. There are two ways to do that. You can either use soap and water or a spray-on cleaner. But this is in case stains are minor. If they are deeper just use a steam cleaner, which can be rented at a reasonable price. It definitely freshens up the carpet.

Making sure that the kitchen and bathroom are clean is a good way to attract new tenants. Often renters judge the whole place by its kitchen and bathroom. People don’t want any reminders that there was someone else before them .Hairs and crumbs are an absolute drawback. So taking care of them is quite essential. Cleaning these two rooms is a must even if it is a lot of work. Starting with the kitchen, spray the oven with an oven cleaner. Surely, it will be dirty. After a while just wipe it down. Next is the fridge. Turn off the power and leave its door open so that it won’t smell unpleasantly. This also prevents mould growing. Moving to the bathroom, where it’s advisable to scrub the toilet, clean the sink and spray the shower. The whole point of this is to make your bathroom shine. Mirrors should also not have spots. It’s recommended to clean all the cabinets and drawers. Don’t leave anything behind.

This should cover the basics and ensure you success at the market. Roughly said, a good cleaning will always do the job.