Did you know that … you could use bread for cleaning?

Did you know that … you could use bread for cleaning? (…and some other unexpected uses of everyday products)

1. White Bread – as strange as it may seem, if you get a slice of bread and carefully run it over any Use of bread- for cleaning. oil painting, it will collect all of the dust that has been accumulating over the layers of paint for years. The true colours of your favourite paintings will return all for your delight with the help of something as simple as bread.

2. Club Soda – thanks to the surprising cleaning power of the fizzy water you can say goodbye to all of the wine stains on your sofa without using even a drop of stain remover or any other detergent. The only thing you have to do is pour some carbonated water on the spoilt area, then put a paper tissue or a cloth over it and let the carbon dioxide perform its magic. N.B. Do not rub the paper/cloth against the stain as you will make it worse, just let the cloth soak it in.

3. Yogurt – your old sink can retain its brightness owing to the mighty bacteria in the yogurt. Spread some of it on the dull surfaces and rub it using a soft sponge, and then rinse the leftovers. The sink will be as shiny as new.

4. Black tea – it is a perfect means of cleaning wooden floors and furniture. Put ten tea bags in 2 litters of boiling water and brew the tea for 30-60 minutes. Don’t be tempted to pour yourself a cup of tea, it will not be good for dinking but it will have acquired the efficiency of the expensive wood cleaning products.

5. Toothpaste – it is common knowledge among all the housewives that after a certain period of time the metal surface of the iron starts accumulation burnt stains. The toothpaste can come in handy in these cases, after rubbing the iron with a sponge and some paste on it, it will be clean again.

6. Ketchup – it can be used as a dishwashing detergent for copper and brass utensils as it can remove any unpleasant accumulations. If you rub some ketchup against their surface, they will retain their natural colour.

7. Gasoline – you will no longer need to buy expensive oil stain removing detergents when you see an oil stain on your lovely carpet. The gasoline is proven to be treating oil blots on wool fabric just as well as any other cleanser.

8. Beer and Wax – If you put some wax in a glass of beer and brew it up for a few minutes; you will get a home-made cleaning agent for polished furniture. After you spread the mixture over the surface of the furniture and let it dry out, you only need to remove it with a woollen cloth.