Here’s A Method For Removing Dried Nylon From The Inside Of A Dryer

Nylon is easily melted by high temperatures. If you ever want to run a nylon fabric through the dryer, you should use the “no heat” settings. If you haven’t used this setting, and it’s melted beyond salvation, you will most probably find parts of it all over the dryer. Removing melted nylon is difficult, but you should try all you can, and something is sure to work out.

You will need a plastic windshield scraper, some oven cleaner, several clean rags, a screwdriver, some paper towels, some mild detergent and some water.

1. Start by applying pressure to any of the holes that may have been blocked using the screwdriver. This way you can pop away any melted nylon that has blocked the holes.

2. Use the plastic windshield scraper on the surface to remove as much of the nylon as you can. If the dryer drum has a coating, removing the nylon will be much easier.

3. Dampen some paper towels and wipe away all of the loosened mess.

4. If there’s still some leftover nylon inside the dryer, turn it on high heat. Before it has reached the “cool down” part of the cycle, stop it so you can work while the nylon is still melted. It’s more pliable this way.

5. Take the scraper again and you’ll be able to remove much more of the nylon now that it’s melted.

6. Spray some oven cleaner on a clean rag and wipe the drum with it. Go over all the melted nylon and then go over once again, this time scrubbing. It’s preferable that you use a fume free oven cleaner only after you’ve read the precautions on the label.

7. Apply some of the mild detergent on another clean rag and then dip it in some water. Use it to wipe the inside of the dryer drum to clean any remaining oven cleaner. Don’t turn on the dryer until you’ve removed all oven cleaner.

8. Rinse with some clean water.

9. Use a soft cloth to dry it.

When you’ve went though all these steps, even if there’s some nylon left, it shouldn’t pose any problem at all. If you weren’t able to remove it when you re-melted it and ran it over with the scraper, then it won’t melt and ruin the clothes you dry.

Don’t use items or materials that could scratch the inside of the dryer drum – like razor blades – to scrape off the nylon. This also includes abrasive scrubbers and scrubbing pads. If you have to, use a plastic one.