4 Ways For Cleaning Up Smells For Good

WaysFor Cleaning Up Smells For GoodQuite often cleaning is not about what you can see. Sometimes the biggest problem of a room is not the way it looks but the way it smells. A nice aroma can keep your mind of the messy bed, or the pile of dishes in the sink. Unfortunately, smells can work the other way around. Even if you have a perfect order in your house, it does not matter a bit if it smells like a dust bin. Therefore, you should concentrate on removing bad smells as much as cleaning off smells. Here are a few tricks towards achieving a nice, pleasant atmosphere.

1. Cat smell.

For unpleasant smell, coming from the cat litter box mix baking soda with the toilet mix. It will absorb the bad smell.

2. Dog/Cat smell.

If your pet made a bad thing on your furniture you can clean up with paper towel first, to absorb the liquid. Apply a mixture of water and cider vinegar and let it sink in good in the stain. The vinegar will neutralize the ammoniac in the urine, which is the main source of bad smell in the urine. Dry well using paper towel and vacuum the surface once it’s dry. On the dry stain put a teaspoon of baking soda and scrub it good. In a cup of oxygen water put a teaspoon of detergent and pour it on the baking soda. Before doing so, try it on a hidden part of the piece of furniture to see if it affects the colour. Scrub off and vacuum the surface.

3. Smell of garlic.

To get the smell of garlic off the cutting board, clean it up with a paste of baking soda and warm water. Leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse off with water. To remove the garlic smell from the air in the room, put a pot of water with lemon juice in it and let it boil for a second. You can also use lemon juice on your dishes before washing them.

4. The dust bin smell.

Clean the inside of your dust bin regularly, especially the one in the kitchen. To remove the bad smell you can use baking soda. Let it work for a few minutes. Then rinse off with warm water and vinegar. Do not let the garbage get out of the bag and touch the inside as this will result in bad odours. To keep the bag on, you can use fridge magnets to hold it to the sides of the bin.

After doing all that, remember to light an aroma candle or use an air freshener. A good smell is always better than no smell at all.