Clean Toys – Healthy Baby

clean-toys-healthy babyMy baby has all kinds of toys and as any other kid it always plays with them. Naturally, they get dirty after rolling on the floor all day or something similar to that. Children don’t realize it but toys can get very filthy after frequent using. They attract a whole bunch of germs, microorganisms, etc. I don’t want my kid to get ill because of some toys. This is why I like to sanitize every single item which is in contact with the baby. This is the only way to keep her safe. As babies haven’t developed a strong immune system yet, special precautions have to be taken. I do my best to keep my baby healthy and I don’t want to take any risks. After all, she could easily put a dirty stuffed animal in her mouth and by that swallow the dirt causing some kind of illness. This is the main reason why toys should be cleaned often using only safe products and chemicals (they can also be harm if parents aren’t careful).

So here’s what I do to protect my child from the dangerous bacteria.

Usually when my baby plays, she quite often drops the certain items she’s holding in her hands. They fall on the ground where we all walk. So I have no choice but to wipe them. I find extremely useful those baby wipes. They’re actually good for everything. The best part is that they sanitize well, that’s why I like them so much. I even clean the baby’s hands with wipes while we’re out and there’s no water around. Yes, I can surely say they do a pretty good job. However, I use wipes only when we’re talking about normal toys and belongings. But there are some that are meant to go in the baby’s mouth. These ones I put in boiling water. You might think I’m too protective but the doctor assured me this is a sure way for my daughter to play with clean toys. I follow this method especially for pacifiers and teething toys. Putting them in the hot water, I add just a bit of liquid soap. Afterwards I never forget to check whether the soap’s rinsed off entirely. I don’t want to leave anything to chance, right?

I have another trick, too. Making my own mixture consisting of white vinegar and warm water is just another way to maintain the cleanliness. This is my own cleaning product which I’m proud of because it removes dirt like nothing else. To add, it’s harmless compared to the expensive chemicals.

I also take care of items with stuck food in them. My baby has the habit of eating and playing simultaneously. This happens often, but luckily the solution to the problem is easy. I wipe these toys with a slightly wet sponge and then it’s all fine.