Unconventional Tile Cleaning

unconventional tile cleaningWater drops, footprints and dust in the corners – those are the first things that hit you when you walk in a dirty bathroom. All the fancy products they advertise are either too expensive and good or affordable and not working so well. But my recent experience taught me something cost-efficient and rather unconventional.

My fiancé and I bought a new apartment. It is in a development that is not yet fully finished and we are in fact the first people who actually live in our building. As you might have already guessed, as soon as you step out of our front door you are ankle deep in dust and trash from the on-going building work. And those construction workers sure know how to make a place dirty! Every time you walk in the apartment your feet are covered in dust and that dust loves our black tiles.

But the place that gets dirtiest is, of course, the bathroom. The humidity in there makes it terrible for dusty feet and even worse for the person who has to clean it. Having just moved in we were so overwhelmed from the whole idea of owning our own place that we completely forgot about buying cleaning products for tiles, floors, glass and everything but dishes.

Well, we had to clean the bathroom and just water didn’t really do any good. So, I came up with the brilliant idea to put some of the dishwashing liquid on a rag and just wipe the tile floor. I foamed it up good and let it stay for a few seconds. Then I cleaned it with a dry towel to reveal the shiniest tiles I’ve ever seen. But the floor got a little slippery and footprints on the wet surface really stood out. I thought it didn’t work so I walked out to let it dry thinking that next morning we would go get something to clean with.

A few minutes later I had to use the bathroom and I was stunned when I walked in. The floor was so shiny without looking wet and it seems that the dishwashing liquid became a protection layer because no footprints and no dust stuck to the tiles. It was beautiful! We still haven’t got a tile cleaning product – we don’t really need it.

It is not the first time we experiment with cleaning but this one is probably the best unconventional use of a cleaning product we’ve discovered. You don’t really need to use a different product for every surface or every piece of furniture. In fact, when you thing about it tiles and porcelain dishes are not so different from one another.

So, if you choose to trust me on this, remember these simple instructions:

1. Put a little bit of dishwashing liquid on a wet rag.

2. Foam up the floor and let it stay for a few seconds.

3. Wipe off with a dry towel.