How To Clean And Maintain Blinds

Blinds are an invariable part of our homes. They protect us from sun, heat, cold and other weather conditions. No matter what colour and material we have chosen, whether they are placed outside or inside on our window, if they are vertical or horizontal, they are very useful and make our home look stylish and elegant. But blinds also need cleaning and proper maintenance. We need to clean them regularly the way we clean our windows, for instance. The problem here, however, is that many of use actually don’t know how to take care of blinds so we neglect them and they become dirty, they darken and lose their good appearance and quality. This should not happen because blinds are expensive and we don’t change them very often. Therefore, we should know how to clean and maintain them and do it on a regular basis. 

How to clean vertical blinds? First you need to take them down by removing them from the clips. Then, you need to take off the heavy elements and the connecting cord and roll them. Tighten them up and place them in a cotton bag. After that, put the blinds in the washing machine at low temperature of 30 degrees. Wash them but do not centrifuge them. Then, hang the blinds back and put the heavy elements in order to stretch them until they dry. 

How to clean and maintain horizontal blinds? First of all, you need to remove the dust regularly in order to keep your blinds in a good condition for longer. You should use dry and soft brush or a soft cloth. A good idea for the easy removal of dust is the hair dryer. But do not use the heat mode. If the blinds are dirtier you can make a solution of some cleaning product and wipe them with the help of a sponge. If your blinds are extremely dirty you can take them off and put them under the shower and wash them with cool water and a cleaning product. After that, you need to dry them with a towel. Abrasive products and chemical solvents are not recommended for cleaning of blinds. 

If you have wooden or bamboo blinds you should not use water when cleaning them as you might damage their surface. Just wipe the dust regularly.