Alternative Tips That Create Ideal Housekeeping

Here is a list of crucial steps that you have to follow if you want to have a cosy and ordered house.It is replete with many and yet simple advices from taking care of glass,through removing stains to different types of surfaces to be cleaned.


If you have carpets which surface is from wool and there are unpleasant spots from spilled liquids like red wine on them,you can try to remove them with the power of heat.(a warm iron and of course a towel that covers the carpet).With this method you are actually lifting the fibres of the carpet,but use the technique only on wool.

After a shower,the mirrors in the bathroom always steam up and if you want to stop this annoying thing from repetition next time you can rub just a little soap with a towel or sponge on their surface.

Last but not least,something more for a specific time of the year – problems that occur during the winter.To protect the windows of your car from getting frost every night,just use a home-made solution from vinegar and water (3:1).

This happens as well

If there are insects like spiders on your shoes take some tights you are no longer using and leave them over the shoes.In this way spiders will have difficulty and will be unable to reach the inside of the shoes.

To keep the candles in your home lasting longer than before and avoid buying them so often,a handy hint is to cover them with a nylon bag and put them in the fridge for 1 day before using them.

Next on the list is the pungent smell of the toilet,which is not the most pleasant topic.In order to get rid of it,just light a match,but be very careful when doing it since sparks can fly off and keep them away from your body.Then flush the match down the toilet.

If you want to remove labels and stickers from items you have recently bought, for this purpose you can rely on the oil from eucalyptus.

Good luck!