Window Cleaning Bermondsey SE1

Our Service at a Glance

Cleaning Experts has taken window cleaning to a new level of efficiency with the Reach & Wash system.

  • It helps us reach up to 6+ floors (72 feet).
  • It helps us clean not only windows, but also UPVC, glass roofs, panelling, Atria, cladding, canopies, facades and signs.
  • It is safe. Our cleaners are working from the ground.
  • It saves our clients’ privacy.
  • It is detergent-free- no environmental and health issues.

Still not convinced- give us a call and check for yourself!

Fully Insured and Thoroughly Trained

We carry full Public and Employers Liability Insurance cover and thoroughly vet our window cleaning experts for a complete peace of mind. All our cleaning operatives go through vigorous theory and practical tests as part of our window cleaning training.


Please call 020 7100 4547 to request a free no obligation estimate.

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How We Can Help

Tired of failing to deal with the dust and dirt stuck all over your windows? Your shop front needs a continuous professional care? In this case the Cleaning Experts window cleaning package is what you need.

Cleaning Experts has been the leading window cleaning provider in Central London and Bermondsey in particular for more than seven years now. Our perfectly trained window cleaning professionals are trained to meet any requirement you might have. We do not press you with binding contracts and extra fees, and our prices are more compatible than most of our competitors.

To make our offer even better- we cover claims to up to £5 million. You are fully guaranteed against any kind of damage of property during our window cleaning procedures.

What Areas

You can find our window cleaning operatives in the neighbouring areas as well:

  • Rotherhithe SE16
  • Walworth SE17
  • Kennington SE11
  • Shoreditch E1
  • Knightsbridge SW1
  • Strand WC2
  • Fenchurch Street EC3.

What’s The Next Step

We can arrange a cleaner very quickly. Just call us on 020 7100 4547 or click here: Book Your Window Cleaner Now

Local Bermondsey Info

Bermondsey SE1 is an area located in the Southern part of London, near the centre of the English capital. The name Bermondsey means in Old English “Beornmund’s (personal name) island”. Not that in the past Bermondsey was a real island, but probably a higher, drier place in dominantly marshy area.

In 1082 here was founded Bermondsey Abbey, dedicated to St Saviour. The monks from the abbey began to farm the land and to embank the river shores. They founded a dock, again named to St Saviour. The Knights Templar also had domains here. In 14th century King Edward III built a manor house in the area. In 1666 after the Great Fire of London in Bermondsey settled wealthy people. The church St Mary Magdalene was built in this period.

After the discovering of a spring from the river Neckinger Bermondsey became a famous relaxation resort. The area between Grange Roads and Jamaica is still named Spa Road and the local park is called Bermondsey Spa Gardens.

In 19th century came the time of industrial plants, immigrants and docks. Some areas of Bermondsey lost their garden suburb image and turned into unpleasant slums. Charles Dickens described one of those places filled with poverty and filth (around St Saviour’s Dock, known as Jackob’s Island)  in his novel Oliver Twist.

In late 19th and early 20th century the railway roads in the area increased and the river trade progressed. Some industries, considered too noisome, have been moved from the City of London to  places like Bermondsey.

In late 19th century was built also the famous Tower Bridge. The increasing commercial development required such an installation, because the traditional fixed bridge would cut off access by tall-masted ships. It was built for 8 years and it was opened in 1894 by The Prince of Wales the future King Edward VII.

In 20th century three and half miles to the east of Tower Bridge at Bermondsey’s riverside were lined wharves and warehouses. After damages of the bombing in the World War II and after the recession of the river trade the area was not actively used for long time. In 1980s London Docklands Development Corporation redeveloped and rebuilt many of the wharves and they became some of the most expensive properties in London.

Among the landmarks of Bermondsey is the London Dungeon. It was opened in 1974 as a tourist attraction which shows bloody historical moments in ‘gallows humour’ style, using special effects and live actors. In the area can be seen also the Mandela Way T-34 Tank – a decommissioned Soviet T-34-85 battle tank.

The local Fashion and Textiles Museum (2003) is housed in a warehouse redesigned by the Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta.