What is Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a very popular world-wide used in many countries nowadays term which refers to commercial cleaning companies being hired by people or corporations to earn their income by doing cleaning job.

Commercial cleaning companies are widely spread and can be found in many towns and cities around the world.In simple words it is the cleaning of every commercial property where business is done.This sort of cleaning includes taking care of many various buildings such as shops,restaurants,offices,warehouses,factories,schools,airports,banks,hospitals,gyms,bars and many others.

It is basically removing dirt in professional office spaces in return of money.

This kind of cleaning companies come with well-equipped staff (that is usually provided with job training before being hired permanently) that uses a lot of cleaning supplies and different cleaning methods.It is very popular in the US,Australia and Europe.

The main duties of the employees are (in other words the services the company offers) – carpet cleaning,window cleaning,vacuum,dusting,mopping,providing consumables like the toilet paper,hand towels,collecting the rubbish,the soap in the hotels,removing graffiti,cleaning entire bathrooms,polishing the surface of the furniture,taking care of the lawn and recycling.

To recognize the staff you will notice that each one usually wears an uniform or maybe carry a badge with a photo on it to avoid the option of looking suspicious.

These people are always identified and checked by the security so you shouldn’t worry about anything!

The price of this service naturally varies because of few things but mainly the time needed for the work and the size of the working space.This should be first agreed by both sides and of course you will be told what will the exact performed job be in order to avoid surprises.

These cleaning companies always hold public insurance and this should be shown to you before you sign any sort of contract so don’t forget to be careful,read slowly and ask for this if you are not given one.

And last but not least they offer daily cleaning,weekly cleaning and special projects.