Upholstery Cleaning Westminster SW1

Our Service at a Glance

What does our upholstery cleaning service package in Westminster include? Professional treatment of your:

  • Sofas
  • Dining chairs
  • Office chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Stools
  • Mattresses
  • Curtains
  • Pillows.

We cover every single inch of your upholstery to make sure no dust or bacteria threatens you and your family!

Fully Insured and Thoroughly Trained

We carry full Public and Employers Liability Insurance cover and thoroughly vet our upholstery cleaning experts for a complete peace of mind. All our cleaning operatives go through vigorous theory and practical tests as part of our upholstery cleaning training.


2-seater sofa    £31.00

3-seater sofa    £37.00

Armchair    £17.00

Dining chair    £7.00*

Office chair    £5.00*

Stool    £7.00

Mattress (single)    £20.00

Mattress (double)    £35.00

Curtains (half length) per set    £30.00

Curtains (full length) per set     £40.00

Curtains dry cleaning £4.00 per sq. m.

*Minimum charge of £50.00 applies.

*Volume discounts

Want to book us for your all-round upholstery cleaning? – we can offer you a sweet little discount! Call us on 020 7100 4547 or click here: Book Your Cleaner Now.

How We Can Help

Do not get used to the dust all over your furniture and curtains! Do not underestimate the danger of bacteria lurking from under your sofa! The Cleaning Experts upholstery cleaning service package will dramatically change the looks of your home, making it as cosy and comfortable as the day you moved in!

Our upholstery cleaning experts have been trained to apply the hot extraction method of dealing with all the dust in your home. Speed, efficiency and reliability are what Cleaning Experts stands for. Using as little chemicals as possible, we keep our upholstery cleaning procedures health and eco-friendly, neutralizing the most common allergic factors.

All this comes at a more than an affordable price. Cleaning Experts is a member of the NCCA, so there is only the highest quality you can expect from our performance. For more information and booking, call 020 7100 4547.

What Areas

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What’s The Next Step

We can arrange a cleaner very quickly. Just call us on 020 7100 4547 or click here: Book Your Upholstery Cleaner Now

Local Westminster Info

Representing the historic heart of London, Westminster includes the greatest symbols of the nation, old and new- The Westminster Abbey, The House of Parliament and the Buckingham Palace.

During the reign of King Henry III in the 13th century, the building of the great Westminster Abby began on the site of the old St Peter’s Church. Ever since it has served as the place of coronation for every English monarch, taking their Coronation Oaths on the sacred Chair of King Edward the Confessor. The Abbey also serves as the seat of the Archbishop of London and is unbreakably tied to the history and power of monarchy.

Not a mile away there is the imposing Palace of Westminster, serving as the House of Parliament. It was the first royal residence of William the Conqueror and served as such for almost half a millennium. The building was almost completely destroyed by a great fire in 1512, which forced the Royal family move to Whitehall. After the reconstruction the Palace served as Royal Court, but during the Long Revolution the Parliament seized it and never relinquished possession of the place. Until present day Westminster is a metonym of parliamentary and constitutional power.

The Buckingham Manor was acquired by King George III to accommodate his wife Queen Charlotte. During the first quarter of the 19th century the house was greatly enlarged and beautified to turn into the magnificent Buckingham Palace we know today. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to reside here permanently. The Palace miraculously was left unscathed during the German bomb raids of the World War II and today stands in its imposing glory, the largest royal residence in Europe. Its beauty and fame attract thousands of tourists every year.