Some Fun After A Day Of Cleaning

Fun After A Day Of Cleaning After my second cleaning day, when my brother and I decided to go to drink some beers, I suggested to bring him to some nice bar. At first I taught we could go to some of the places I used to visit some months ago. But soon I changed my mind. I did not want to meet some of my ex colleagues. I still haven’t overcome the story with my dismissal and I did not want to communicate with them at all.

We walked about 20 minutes when I saw a board with a lighting title “Bar”. I said to my brother: “I used to come here often”. While we were going down the stairs I understood I made a big mistake. We came across to a motorcycle bar. When we entered the hall and I saw all these big guys wearing leather, I wanted to go back, but I was with my brother, I had to hold my position.

I went to the bar and I taught I had to behave like I came there often. So I said to the bartender: “Hi Steve! Long time no see!”. For my surprise, this supposed Steve accepted my game and asked me where I have been for so long. I started telling him for that I was fired and for my divorce, but soon I knew that his question was just to be polite. So I quickly told him to poor two pints of beer.

Then my brother and I had some toasts and a good conversation. He told me about my two nephews. One of them was three and the second one was one year old. I have seen only the bigger one twice. Right now I taught how I could be so stupid and snob.

My mother did not approve my brother’s wife, I don’t know why, so my brother did not receive invitations for our family meetings anymore. Which, by the way, was good for him. He did not need to meet our hypocrite relatives.

I looked at my nephew’s photos and I wanted to tell my brother that I would like to visit them. But I felt awkward – I have never visit my brother’s home at all. I just met him in the park after my elder nephew’s first birthday. I brought him a present and my brother had no job at that time.

But my brother had no bad feelings about me and my disinterest to his family. We just drank beer, talked and laughed. He asked me if I came to this bar with my bank colleagues. He guessed the truth of course, and it was very funny.

When we were on our way home I taught that I would like to see his kids. Seems like he was thinking the same and he suggested us to go to his place tomorrow after we finish work. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom that you came to visit our deposed family”, he joked.