So Glad That I Am A Cleaner…

Cleaning Experts does after party cleaning

The manager, Mss. Sleepwater and the owners of Children’s Party Centre were nervous about the upcoming event. I felt relief that my job was clear and I knew how to do everything which depended on me.I just had to clean carefully.

But the others, who were not cleaners, had some problems. Our decorator Steven for example fell into an unpleasant situation. First Mss. Sleepwoter told him to decorate the Centre without giving him very detailed instructions. He started arranging the place diligently and he was ready just in time. Mss. Sleepwater came back from ordering some food for the kids, but instead to praise Steven’s work, she started to criticise almost all of his decisions. Then Mss. Sleepwater gave him concrete directions how to change the decoration. He started to execute everything she wanted. He was careful and conscientious, because he wanted to do the things in the best possible way. This time Mss. Sleepwater was satisfied, made lots of compliments to Steven’s work and even called the rest of the team to enjoy his work.

But Steven’s happiness did not last long. In about an hour came Mr. B. – the owner of the Centre. He almost never came here. We knew he is the big boss, but rarely saw him. Obviously this celebrity party was the reason for his visit. Mr. B. was a little nervous too. He in turn criticised all the decisions of Mss. Sleepwater and poor Steven had to remove this decoration and make a new one by Mr. B.’s instructions. I helped him with the removal of the “old” decoration and he started again.

He was almost done, when Mrs. B. came in. She was about 30 years younger than her husband and had self confidence of a person with a very good taste. So it turned out that she had different vision for the decoration too. Steven started again while she was marching around him with her high heels.

Mr. B. was looking through the window. “He is waiting for his daughter. It is going to be interesting…” – whispered to me the bartender. I was glad that I am going to see my ex school mate, but when she came in, she paid no attention to me. She went to the problematic decoration instead. She took a deep breath, looked at her young stepmother with disregard and then at her father. The man was happy to see his daughter, but the daughter just turned and went to the door. Before leaving the Centre she said: “When someone has such a taste, she can be valued only by a man who can’t appreciate the beauty, like my father…”. Then our boss’s daughter slammed the door.

All the team felt confused and everyone tried to look focused on his activity. Only Steven was glad that he does not have to redecorate again.