Removing Dirt and Stains From Carpets

How to clean persistent stains from your carpetsHere are some useful techniques I learned from my own long-term experience, concerning taking care of my carpets’ surface. Check them out!

Say “stop” To Carpet Static

You can get rid of this problem by adding half litre of fabric softener to five of water. Find an old spray bottle you have previously bought, keeping in mind to not overwet the surface. Wait to dry during the night, and the static should be removed after a couple of weeks.

Flour paste

To eliminate stains of dried one, begin with vacuuming in order to remove as much of it as possible. For the most stubborn spots make a mixture of the detergent you use with water that is not too hot or cold. At the end put a rag or some cloth and some heavy books over the stain spot, let it stay like this during the night and in the morning vacuum for one last time.

Petrol Spots

To fight against it is no easy task, but however you can treat the dirty spot with a solution of teaspoons of vinegar (against the strong smell) and mild dish detergent (1:1) in a quart of warm water. Wait until the carpet has fully dried, but do not worry if you have to do this a few times for perfect results (you can also rely on a dry-cleaning solvent).

Remove Glue

Like the flour paste, start with vacuuming and then repeat the other steps you took when removing flour paste, it is on the same principle.

Vaseline / Petroleum Stain

To start with wash using a mixture of warm water and liquid dishwashing detergent designed for cutting grease. Vaseline usually does not leave spots. If this does not work and you feel desperate dry cleaning fluid might come into use.

Taking Care of Wax Stains

Try to chip off as much of it as possible. Put paper towel over remaining pieces, and use a warm iron to stick theĀ  wax into the paper. Nail polish remover is another alternative, but however do not forget to always test first on a non-visible area.

Cleaning Wine Spills

To take care of this type of spills, sprinkle with salt andĀ  work the salt on the spot with a rag. Wait for the salt to absorb the wine and finally blot.

Hairspray Stain

Find a wet cloth and put some shampoo. Another helpful trick is to saturate it with ammonia, and wait for a little while then blot out remaining liquid with a rag.

Your Carpet Does Not Need Any Makeup On

Scrub the spots with a non-gel and not colourful toothpaste, since this is one of the most helpful tricks. Another technique is to add a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide to one tablespoon of ammonia. You will also need a plastic wrap and books to cover the stain with them. It should stay like this for one night and rinse it on the other day.

Repairing Cigarette Burns

Snip away the singed edges using a razor blade. You can put new fibres onto the damaged area with a glue and put something heavy on it for a couple of weeks.