Potentially Dangerous Household Products

How often do you read the descriptions and manual on the back of various cleaners and detergents? How often do you take the time to read an article, pay caution to news broadcasts regarding chemical safety? And basically, do you take interest on this topic at all? Well, if not this will give you some insight on the safety or dangers of some of the things in your home that you can never assess as a threat. Something that makes the air fresher or cleans off a reeking mess in a snap. It just doesn’t really seem that way, but there’s much more to the products than it seems, as companies tend to remain silent or bend the truth regarding their potentially dangerous household products.

It is a fact that with the increase of chemicals in the households and everyday activities, there has been an increase in various deceases, anomalies and fatalities as well. This in turn increases the overall budget set aside for healthcare.

Here are some products that never really seem dangerous, and it is strongly recommended to get rid of them at once.

– Plastic bottles and bags

Well this is where it starts and probably where it’s going to end. There is a popular remake of the old song ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ called ‘Plastics Are Forever’. And indeed, by the time it takes a plastic bottle to fully dissolve itself, human evolution will be on a whole new level. This is due the fact that plastic is what it is. Then come the single-use bottles which act as a sponge for bacteria and even chemicals. Thanks to health and safety the BPA based bottles are no longer, since they were as safe as dysentery.

– Insecticides

Yes, they kill all kinds of pests, which is great, but do they have the potential of killing something more? Most of the common products used to exterminate roaches and weeds, have been confirmed to cause organ failure and various irritations, leading to damage to the central nervous system.

– Regular cleaning products

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? This are the things that keep the house clean so they are a must. What most people aren’t aware of is that most of the ingredients inside of the most common cleaning agents are ammonia and oxide-based. Which are well known to cause irritations, burns and even organs failures.

Air Fresheners

They all smell very natural, so they’re bound to be safe. Not so. Most of them are toxic and can cause asthma. Semi-rare scenarios include that some of the more toxic ingredients in some air fresheners can even lead to reproductive issues and birth defects.

There’s lost more thing out there that can cause a lot of damage. The important thing is to investigate carefully before investing even in a common product.