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You want to find an office cleaning company that suit all your criteria? Here is what Cleaning Experts has to offer:

  • Deep office cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Specialized computer & peripherals cleaning
  • Daily office cleaning if particularly requested
  • Builders clean
  • Washroom hygiene
  • Janitorial supplies.

We will not bind you with long-term contracts and obligatory clauses- Cleaning Experts is the perfect business partner for you!

Fully Insured and Thoroughly Trained

We carry full Public and Employers Liability Insurance cover and thoroughly vet our office cleaning experts for a complete peace of mind. All our cleaning operatives go through vigorous theory and practical tests as part of our office cleaning training.


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Working with some of the biggest corporate names in London for the past seven years, Cleaning Experts has gained the reputation of one of the most reliable business partners when it comes to office cleaning. What makes us so successful?

We strive to meet the peculiar requirements of every single client, offering a tailor-made package of services. Each of our office cleaning operatives is meticulously trained and prepared to perform the specific tasks related to the cleaning of your working space. You can be certain that our cleaners have extensive technical knowledge so your computers and peripherals are in safe hands.

Cleaning Experts works with the best office cleaning equipment and specially selected detergents that ensure the high quality of our service. We are a proud member of NCCA, BWCA and FSB, so the perfect condition of your office is guaranteed.

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Cleaning Experts provides professional office cleaning services in the neighbouring areas as well:

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Local Bethnal Green Info

Bethnal Green E2 is located 3.3 miles (5.3 km) northeast of Charing Cross. For long time it was an agrarian little village in the parish of Stepney, Middlesex.

The historians suggest that the name origins from the Anglo-Saxon healh (‘angle, nook or corner’) and blithe (‘happy, blithe’) or from a personal name Blitha.

The Green and Poor’s Land is the open area now occupied by St John’s Church, Bethnal Green Library and the V&A Museum of Childhood (exposing the largest childhood objects collection in UK). In 1678 the land surrounding the Green was bought by the owners of houses in this area to save it from building up. In 1690 these lands were conveyed for the benefit of poor people living in neighbourhood. The main house of the Green was Bethnal House (Kirby’s Castle), built by Sir Hugh Platt in 16th century. From the beginning of the 18th century it was a mad house for almost 200 years.

Bethnal Green has a long connection with boxing. The champion of England between 1792 and 1795, Daniel Mendoza, lived in western part of the area. Numerous other boxers have been associated with this district too. York Hall, the local leisure centre, was one of the most famous places for performing of boxing bouts.

In 1841 was founded St. Bartholomew’s in Bethnal Green which curate became the Anglo-Catholic Nathaniel Woodard, a very influential educationalist in the end of 19th century, who established a parochial school.

In the 18th century the silk-weaving trade grows to the east from Spitalfields and attracted Irish and Huguenot weavers. In the 19th century, Bethnal Green was famous with its weaving and market gardens. But Bethnal Green remained one of the poorest slums in British capital till the end of 19th century. There were many tumbledown buildings with many families, living in each of them. In the district’s western parts operated Jack the Ripper.

In 1900 was founded the Boundary Estate, the first council housing in the world.

According to 2001 census the population of Bethnal Green is 25,440 and 41% of it is of Bangladeshi descent. The second largest ethnic group in the area are the White British, 37% of the area population. Other ethnic groups living in Bethal Green are Black Africans, Somalis and Black Carribeans. Nearly half of local population is from Islam confession. The Christians are 34%. In the area there are many churches, mosques and a Buddhist centre.