My Plans Before My Entry Into Cleaning Business

Cleaning Experts- London based cleaning business

I bet you have never seen a patriot like me. At least like me about 10 years ago. I was born in one of those Eastern European socialistic countries. It is a member state of European Union now.

In the beginning of the new millennium I graduated school and I felt like the world is mine. I had the perfect idea what to do with my life and how to help my country for its rise. Everything for me was clear – black or white. I taught I knew how to act against the “bad guys” and how to help for establishment of the good practises, which would help our nation to live properly.

I won’t recite to you all the conditions leading to the collapse of my dreams. I will just tell you that 10 years, 3 master degrees and 2 perspective job positions later I was standing at the airport waiting for the next flight to London. I was trying to escape from all that chaos, I naively thought I could change. My mother was there too, wiping a tear. I was her third child leaving abroad.

Negative thoughts crossed my mind. I could not understand how our present politics managed to depopulate the country more than any war. While I was dragging my big suitcase to the airport terminal I was hoping for some kind of miracle to stop me fly away. I was wrong again. Nothing could stop me. My grandfathers proved their courage in war and I had to prove that I am a noble man in a foreign country. They used to fight to protect our county boundaries from foreign enemies and I would have to prove to myself and to my family I can survive despite the enemies among my countrymen.

I did not give up on my ideals and goals. I just meant to work there for few years, saving some money and accumulating some experience. Then I would come back and work for my country. I would overcome these hollow figures who led our country to this absurd situation.

While I was in the plane I taught about some of the historical moments of my motherland. I taught about the tasty dishes my mom prepared. And I taught how speedily I go away from my home.

“I can’t do anything about it”, I taught “This must be my way”.

When I got off the plane in London I was surprised that the weather was not rainy as I expected and people at the airport were very nice and positive. My spirit became positive too.

I could not guess that few days later I was going to work in the cleaning business, but I’ll tell you about that next time.