How To Remove Makeup Stains

How to clean make-up stainsCosmetic products are women’s best friends. Many women put makeup every day and it is a very important part of their appearance. But how about makeup stains? They are certainly not our friends. We hate them and we can even become paranoid if we notice a spot on our new dress or shirt. It is a disaster, right? Especially when we have gone out on a date or we are in a working meeting. But we often happen to stain our clothes, furniture or carpets while putting makeup either out of carelessness or when we are in a hurry. And some makeup stains are difficult to remove, especially the liquid ones.

So, we should set about cleaning the stains as soon as it occurs and in order to do this we should know how to. How to remove lipstick stains? Alcohol is one way to do that. Put some kind of it on the stain and then add some detergent and leave it there for a while. After that, wash the garment as usual. You can also use some kind of washing product that is meant for removing stains. Put some of it on the stain while the garment is dry and do not rub it because you might fix the stain. Then wash it in the washing machine or by hand. Ammonia is another method of cleaning lipstick stains. First, wet the stains with water and then put some ammonia on them. Finally, wash as usual.  How to remove foundation stains? Cover the spot with some shaving foam and leave it there for five minutes. Then wash it well with water.

Another way is to treat the stain with a tampon soaked in watered ammonia or some trichloroethylene and after that wash it in the washing machine. If the material is silk rub the stain with a wet brush and then wash with cool water.  How to clean nail polish stains? Nail polish stains on any material are removed by dripping several drops of acetone on them and wiping with a tampon. Then the affected spots should be treated with a tampon soaked in benzene and after that you should add some talc.

Finally, the garment should be left to dry in an airy place. You should be careful with colourful clothes because they might be damaged by the use of acetone. First try it on some less visible spot in order to see if the colours will resist.