How To Clean Your Rugs And Carpets

Often no matter how hard you try you just can’t protect the flooring and the carpets. Accidents do happen. In fact, your rugs and carpets are never safe. Even if you’re extremely cautious, except the fact that the carpets will never stay the same. After some time holes might start appearing or they’ll simply change their colours. This is inevitable. However, you shouldn’t think of all the possible damage that your carpet might someday face. Whether your pet has left its muddy paws on the rug or a clumsy guest has split a beverage, don’t worry. Almost every stain is removable, although some are quite tricky.

With a few tips and instructions you’ll be able to take good care of your carpets. The advice we provide will help you keep them looking as if they were new. Rugs and carpets are a nice addition to every room, indeed. It’s of great importance to know how to clean them. There are, however, a few mistakes people frequently make which only shorten the life of the carpet. Following our methods will definitely prevent you from making those mistakes.

Firstly, a very useful trick is to turn the carpet upside down and by this vacuum the back of the carpet. Do this every month, if possible. It would be good to have a rotating brush vacuum cleaner as it sucks up the fibres much better than the ordinary vacuum cleaners. In case your carpet has fringes, it’s not advisable to vacuum them. Fluffing by hand would do. Otherwise, damage might be caused.


You should also keep in mind that the carpet shampoos and spays are meant for synthetic materials. It’s not a good idea to treat a wool rug with such products. To avoid them read carefully the labels on the bottles. You also need to wash the carpet well when using spot cleaners or other kind of chemicals. Because there might be some soap residues left. If this is the case, they could attract dirt and later form stains. But first of all check whether your carpet’s colours will bleed or not. You can become aware of this fact by using a white cotton towel soaked in water.

If a stain occurs suddenly on your carpet, you might want to get rid of it immediately. Remember, the sooner, the better. You’ll need the white cotton towel once more but only this time it has to be dry. Press hard repeatedly trying to absorb the liquid as much as you can. Another substantial detail is to move the towel in straight lines. Rubbing in a circle causes permanent damage.

This is how you can take proper care of all your carpets and rugs with a few small tricks.