How to Clean Using Lemons Part Two

how to clean with lemon part twoForget about the pile of cleaning products you have under the sink which take up space, they are hazardous for your skin. They are expensive and not always cost-efficient. All you need is already at your home, in your very fridge. Right there you have nature’s best cleaning product – it smells good, it works good and it has no harmful effects on your skin – that’s right, I am talking about the lemon.

Far from just cocktails and garnishing fish, lemons can be used for cleaning at home. But what makes the lemon such a powerful cleaner? It has high concentration of citrus acid which makes the fruit powerful sanitizer and germ killer, making it one of the best things for cleaning at home. Here are a few ways of using this fresh nature product, not for drinks, but for cleaning your place.

1. Clean the bathroom.

Instead of scrubbing the tiles, tub and everything else in the bathroom with the toxic chemicals, you can use the following home-made recipe for perfect, healthy results. Squeeze six lemons and pour the liquid into a bottle with a spraying nozzle. Spray the stained areas. The citric acid will dissolve the stains caused by humidity and will form a “foggy” foam. The anti-bacterial effect of the lemon juice will sanitize your bathroom. And, of course, you get lemon freshness instead of the smell of bleach.

2. Shiny dishes.

If you ran out of dishwashing liquid, or you are just not satisfied with what it does, just cut a lemon in half, dip it into baking soda and use it as sponge. You will see how the citric acid erodes the grease, leaving your dishes clean and shiny.

3. Fresh clothes.

If you like the smell of lemons and you also want to sanitize your clothes, all you need is to add a table spoon of lemon juice to the detergent. This will give your clothes a fresh, clean smell.

4. Do the windows.

Exactly four table spoons of fresh lemon juice in a bucket of water is all it takes to wash your windows perfectly. Again, the citric acid with its power will erode the grease and dirtiness, stains and pretty much everything else, leaving your windows shiny and clean without the use of chemicals and unpleasant smells.

5. Sanitize the cutting board.

Squeeze half a lemon on the cutting board and let it soak in good for ten minutes. Lemon juice gets deep in wood, but works well enough on plastic boards, too. That way you will remove stains.

6. Clean the hard spots.

Using lemon and borax, with the help of a toothbrush you can clean any spot, no matter how hard to reach the spot is.