How To Clean Stain From Leather Furniture

Stains on leather furniture can be a quite unfortunate incident. Worry not, there are ways to clean them. It is best, however, that you first determine if your type of leather is water-tolerant, otherwise the methods below will harm it.

Don't forget to test the cleaning solution on a small, hidden area of the leather before you start on the front, because there may be negative reactions.

Ink stains: Clean with cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol. Rub the ink, and then dry with a hair dryer on its coolest setting.

Dark stains (from food, blood, etc): Mix tartar cream and lemon juice in a paste that you rub on the stain and leave for 10 minutes. Use moisturizing soap and a damp cloth to remove it. Dry by blotting with a dry cloth.

Grease stains: It's very simple – wipe away with a dry, clean cloth. Never apply any water.

Newsprint: When you leave a newspaper on leather it can print itself on the leather surface. This stain is removed by spraying with aerosol hair spray and then wiping with a cloth.

When anything spills on the leather surface, clean it at the moment. If you leave any liquids there for a longer time, the leather will absorb it and it will be very hard to clean.

Don't use strong chemicals or abrasive cleaners on the leather, it will be damaged.

Don't use oils, polish, or anything that includes wax or silicone, because they may harm the leather and make it sticky. Actually, be careful with all kinds of furniture polish.

Don't use saddle soap, varnish, and cleaners with ammonia or bleach on the leather furniture, because they will seriously harm the surface.

Use the vacuum cleaner to collect dust from your leather furniture regularly; it will prolong its life.

Don't place leather furniture in direct sunlight and away from heat sources – that way you will keep it from drying and cracking.

You need to replenish your leather sometimes, and while you can buy appropriate products, you can also try mixing distilled white vinegar with linseed oil 1:2. Stir well and apply on the leather surface. Leave it for 10 minutes and then blot once or twice with a clean cloth.

Don't use alkaline cleaner (that includes baby wipes) on the leather as it will harm it.

If there's something you're not sure about, or don't know, contact a professional. If you want your leather furniture thoroughly cleaned, search for a cleaning company.