How To Clean Between Double Glass Oven Doors

It’s not unusual for stains to appear on the inside between the double glass on some oven doors. Whether grease and food drips through the vents, or vapours inside in the form of steam, it looks awful and impossible to clean. Read bellow for a few cleaning techniques that will help you get rid of these stains:

* Disassembling the door – try not to do this yourself, but to hire a technician instead, who will both disassemble the door and put it back together without the risk of damaging it.

For this, you will need a glass cleaning product, some clean cloths, and a glass stove top cleaning solution.

1. Have the technician disassemble the oven door.

2. Remove as much of the gunk with the glass cleaning product as possible.

3. For tougher stains and burnt food, use the stove top cleaning solution.

4. When you’ve removed all stains and debris, wipe with a cloth moistened with clean water, allow the glass to dry and let the door be put back together.

*Through the door vents – in case the glass can’t be removed, there are other, a bit more difficult, methods, like this one.

You will need a bottle brush wish a long handle, a stick or a ruler wrapped in a clean cloth, a bent hanger also wrapped in clean cloth, a dryer vent brush, some glass cleaning solution, several clean cloths or socks, and duct tape.

1. Sometimes you can find small vents on the bottom or on the top of the oven door. These go between the glass and are probably where the food/grease/steam went through to get there. Find these openings.

2. If you can take the door off its hinges, do it. Lay it on the floor. Some oven doors don’t need screws to be loosened when removed, others do, but in both cases it shouldn’t be difficult to put it back on.

3. Choose a cleaning tool with a long handle. There are many alternatives, so choose the one you find easier to use.

4. Wrap the cloth/sock around the tool and use tape to secure it around the handle. If you don’t do this, the cloth/sock may come off and fall between the glass.

5. Moisten the cloth/sock with the glass cleaning product of your choice.

6. Put the cleaning tool in the door through the vent openings.

7. Start moving the cloth inside to clean the stains.

8. When the cloth/sock becomes dirty, change it and reapply the glass cleaner.

9. Repeat until the glass is free of stains.

10. Put the oven door back on its hinges and enjoy.

Sometimes the companies count disassembling service in the warranty, so it will be free.

If you can’t clean the glass, consider covering it with something decorative.

Use glass stove top cleaning solution it the general glass cleaning products doesn’t work – it’s more powerful.