Cleaning In Fear

Scared cleaner- Cleaning Experts

Few days have passed since “the incident in the mystery house”, as I call my visit in that old house which, to be honest, scared me a lot. Since I work as a cleaner, I often imagine how I manage to resolve some hard crime, then I call the police and while everyone is watching me, I expose what has happened. In my imagination I have always been brave and never been afraid of the criminal I sent to jail. And now, look at me! I am scared of some rumours of ghosts and of a house where I met an old man, wearing a livery…

But the fact is that I am still really frightened. The last few days I am always feeling uncomfortable when I clean some empty house. Sometimes when I clean the dust under some bed, all of a sudden it seems to me that a strange shadow crosses the room. I stand up, I look all over the room and I know there is nothing scary there. But then I hear a strange squeak from the other side of the apartment. I go there armed with a broom and I find that it is only the window, moved by a wind flow.

When the owners of the house are there, I am still not calm these days. I always suggest that there is something scary or crazy, or at least suspicious in their eyes… I am always tensed. My observation skills, which made me proud and used to make my life interesting, became something, making me nervous. Finding details for my clients’ life used to be funny for me, but now in every detail I see something sinister or disturbing.

In the evenings when I go home in my empty and lonely apartment, where I live for almost 20 years now, I feel like someone is watching me and stalking me.

I have to do something about this and I have to do it quick. Things can’t go on this way. I think that the only way to get rid of these annoying phantoms, that are chasing me, is to go back to that “house of ghosts”. Maybe everything is simple and maybe I just have to talk with that old man, wearing a livery.

Yes, this is the way! I shall unravel the mystery and then everything will be as before. I shall clear my mind and I shall prove the obvious – Ghost do not exist!