Carpet Cleaning Herne Hill SE24

Our Service at a Glance

The full list of our Herne Hill carpet cleaning services include:

  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction
  • Rug cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning and special anti-dust mites detergent treatment
  • Spot and stain removal

The best quality meets the best prices- only by Cleaning Experts!

Fully Insured and Thoroughly Trained

We carry full Public and Employers Liability Insurance cover and thoroughly vet our carpet cleaning experts for a complete peace of mind. All our carpet cleaning operatives go through vigorous theory and practical tests as part of our NCCA-certified training.


Single bedroom   £20.00

Double bedroom   £25.00

Hallway    £15.00

Staircase (up to 12 steps)    £18.00

Landing    £6.00

Bathroom    £5.00

Rug (small)    £15.00

Rug (large)   £25.00

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How We Can Help

If you think that vacuum cleaning will keep your carpets in perfect condition, you are in for quite an unpleasant surprise. Never underestimate factors dust accumulation, mould and stains that can completely ruin the comfort and outer look of your home.

This is why Cleaning Experts has shaped its carpet cleaning service package to meet all the requirements and needs of your home and office. We strive to provide a tailor-made service that is oriented to the client and the client only. Thus you determine the frequency and the precise time of our visits as well as the peculiar kind of services you require.

You also benefit from our Insurance and Liability Policy that makes sure your property is fully protected during our procedures. Furthermore, we use eco- and health-friendly detergents only so you do not have to worry about allergic reactions.

What Areas

You can also find our carpet cleaning operatives in the neighbouring areas:

What’s The Next Step

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Local Herne Hill Info

In the ancient times Herne Hill used to be only woodlands and farms scattered around. Herne Hill is a residential area in South London, there is some talk about the district that it’s one of the nicest and loveliest verdure places, all green and full of life. It is presumed that the name origins from Heron’s Hill because of the big population of herons.

In the beginning the district was very low populated. Later large mansions started to appear. Even the Ruskin Family moved in the area and John Ruskin lived in Herne Hill almost all his life.

Again like in the case of most London’s districts, a railway was the reason for a change. Terraced apartments and houses started being built, modern architecture and new roads.

Thanks to the spread of the gentrification, parts of Herne Hill (which were almost destroyed during World War I) have restored their former fame and greatness.

It is home to many art galleries, independent shops, restaurants and bars. You can visit the Brockwell Park which is famous with its large Lido. There you can see ancient, old style country houses. It also has walled garden, a cameo railway, rolling slopes and even duck ponds. This park used to be home to John Blades who was a glass manufacturer.

There is a lot more to see there from a historical point of view. You can take a look at The Herne Hill Velodrome which hosted events from the Summer Olympics in the 1948. Also Herne Hill railway station, the Gothic polychrome brick station, the Church of St Paul, The Half Moon Public House which used to host boxing for more than 50 years, also the lake in Sunray Gardens, etc.

Some of the former and current residents in Herne Hill are: James Nesbitt (an actor), Jo Brand (a comedian), Bert Temple who is a founder of the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers, already mentioned John Ruskin who was an art critic during the Victorian era, Cathy Newman, Elly Jackson and others.