Another Red Wine Stain-Defeated!

another-red-wine-stain-defeatedI had a party once. It was for my birthday. Actually, my friends kind of pushed me into doing it. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have organized it. I’m just not a person who likes to invite friends or family over all the time. I mean, sure, a couple of visits in a month, I can live with that. But having them over constantly is something I don’t see as a good thing. I love my close ones, of course, don’t get the wrong impression. I just hate cleaning after them. Since tidying up after the guests leave is inevitable, especially after a party. Naturally, the whole house is upside down. You can surely imagine what it’s like to get things back the way they were again. It takes hours.

Anyway, I had the gathering at my place. There was no other way, I guess. And as I said the house was upside down afterwards. The party was nice as well as the people. But the moment they walked in, I knew they would be causing some serious trouble. It’s not actually their fault. Accidents happen at parties all the time. So i’ m not mad at them. I just wish they’d be more careful in future. Not that I’m throwing another party. No, I’m officially through with inviting people to my home, after the condition they left it in. It was horrible. There were plates and glasses everywhere and a lot of spilt drinks. I even nearly slipped on a bottle which was lying on the floor. That was a close one. Not only that but it had left awful stains on my carpet. I found other stains with unidentified origin as well. How could I let it happen? I was there the whole time. Still, damage wasn’t prevented. Someone had even knocked off a shelf with some small figures on it. Unbelievable!

Never mind the figures, though, let’s get back to the stains. They were the main reason for my anger. As soon as the guests had left I took matters into my own hands. Admittedly, I was quite worried if I would be able to clean those dreadful stains. After all I’ve heard about red wine stains, I was even afraid to try. However, my fear disappeared quickly and I got to work. To be completely honest, I didn’t deal with the dirty areas immediately. I don’t even know when exactly the spots had appeared. I discovered them after the party was over. Fortunately, there was still hope for my dining table to be saved (that’s where I found the biggest stain).

In order to treat it properly, I applied a bit of ammonia on an old cloth and wiped the stained place. Then I took the furniture polish and used some of it as well. Only this time I rubbed the surface of the table very hard. I was so happy when it all came off. I gave my table its old look back which meant less trouble for me.

Well, finally, I guess the lesson I learned from this story is that I should never again let people in my house.