Cleaning After A Cake Fight

Cleaning after a cake fight- Cleaning Experts

The Big day finally came. The famous musician, whose name I intentionally do not mention on grounds of confidentiality, would really make a great party for his 3 year old son. The man had ordered so many cakes, sweets and candy that my colleagues and I wondered if a whole neighbourhood can eat such a quantity. Our boss hired three clowns, two mimes and seven or eight artist, dressed like Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh and other fairy tale characters.

We were ready with the preparations and we were already waiting for our guests. According to the plan the guest should be here first, before the birthday child has come and they should have to surprise the boy. I was not sure whether such a surprise was appropriate for such a small boy. I taught it could scare him, but no one asked me.

So, the guest came. Most of them were celebrities. Some of them were very friendly, and some were haughty. There were lots of children too. When it was time for the arriving of the birthday boy and his father, all the children should stay behind a big curtain and the other guest should be in the next hall. It was not easy for the nannies to keep the children calm, but they somehow succeed.

The boy came along with his father and mother (they were divorced long ago, but they hold his two hands now). The child was in a Spiderman suit, but walked uncertainly because of the bandage on his eyes.

When they came in, the mother took off the bandage. As the 3 year old birthday child looked at this unknown place all the children came out shouting “Surprise!”. As I expected, the boy got frightened and tried to hide behind his mother. It took some time to make him understand what was happening, but in the end he went playing with his friends.

Soon our Children’s Party Centre turned into a big beehive, where dozens of children were whizzing and buzzing with their voices. Their games were so interesting. All of them changed their behaviour and activity every 5 minutes. They were laughing, they were running, they were pushing each other… They liked very much the performance of the clowns, mines and fairy tale characters. Of course their favourite moment was when the cake was brought in. The birthday boy succeeded to blow his candles and the big game began. The kids were daubing each other with cake and all of their clothes and the floor too got covered with cream. Even the nannies could not stop this messy game. My colleagues looked at me with sympathy. But it was funny for me. Well, after all it has to be cleaned, of course:)

I really had much work thereafter, but it worth it. I was glad that children had such fun.